Monday, July 19, 2004

Oh, the humanity

Stupid me, went and had a physical today.  It had been 5 years since my last one and we could lose our really awesome coverage if Lori leaves her current job, so I figured 'what the heck'.
I have tendonitis in my finger.  Looking online, it doesn't sound as scary.  I'll start icing the finger and trying to limit its use.
But, I'm also 20 pounds overweight.  Which incredibly sucks.  I mean, I knew I needed to lose weight and I knew that the weight just wasn't coming off.  But now I have a number.  So, a number becomes a goal.  And with that goal, I guess it's time to start cutting myself off.  Of course, that's just going to make me a whiney martyr.  I need to do it smartly, though, so I don't (a) put it right back on or (b) fail miserably.   I think the first step is to define what is now off-limits, for you all to see.
I currently weigh 197.  I will start by eliminating all of the following.  As the weight comes off, I will start slowly reintroducing some items because to go permanent cold turkey on all of this will kill me.
I am going to research some of the popular diet fads and pick and choose what I like.  Definitely more fruits and vegetables, far less sugars, and less breads.  (But not entirely no bread because there's nothing suckier than a hamburger patty you have to eat with a fork.) 
Lots more 100% juice.  Plain lettuce as a snacky item.   Dressing on the side when having salads at restaurants.  Fewer items from the Wendy's 99 cent menu.  No soft drinks period for the first 10 pounds and only diet soft drinks for the second 10 pounds.  Exercise.  Exercise had already been a component, but for some reason, not doing a whole lot for me.  I think it's been a combination of the weather and the baby.  I'd not been riding every day and I am way behind on push-ups and sit-ups, though nearly caught up on jumping jacks.
The only way this is gonna work is if I'm accountable.  So, I'm going to be accountable to you, my internet audience.  My internet audience may number in the 1's, but my wife doesn't help my diet.  She lost weight while pregnant and has lost a lot since the pregnancy, and she's the one that introduced dessert after meals as a common thing.  (It was very rare, growing up.)
Another problem for me will be the snacky bad for me items around the house.  I think I'm going to have to ask my wife to sequester them to a single cabinet.  That way, it will be easier for me to mentally say "This cabinet is off-limits."
This is really a bummer for me.  Sweets are one of the few pleasures.  Sure, I enjoy my family, I enjoy my job.  Sunsets look nice.  Books, magazines and movies can be entertaining.  But I control this.  I put something into my mouth and it's a burst of pleasure.   I really enjoy the taste of many things and now I'm going to have to deny myself one of the true on-demand pleasures.  This sucks, sucks, sucks.
Time for a walk to the grocery store to buy lettuce.  Not sure if we need it, but it's a long ways from here.  Wish it weren't so hot out.
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