Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It's none of your business how many bars I have.

I could have sworn that I already complained on here about this advertising campaign... AT&T Wireless and their dumb "How many bars do you have?" TV campaign.

People with AT&T Wireless walk around with four blue bars above their heads and some other people with gray bars, usually 1 or 2, are shouting into their phones. So one of the AT&T Wireless people offers their phone to the non-AT&T Wireless person so that they can complete their call without shouting or being disconnected.

Question... how come the people with AT&T Wireless are never using their phones?

I suppose AT&T Wireless could claim that their customers had already completed their calls. But I think it's something different... people with AT&T Wireless realize that four bars does not a usable phone make. I mean, I had Sprint PCS and had four bars all the time and the phone was just plain unusable. I think when I had AT&T Wireless before that I often had many bars, but often a nice staticky call.

And, it's my experience that there would be far more gray bars and far less blue bars. I probably know 3 people with AT&T Wireless and 50+ people with some other company's service.

Of course, nothing sucks more than the suckiness that is the suckage known as Sprint PCS. In fact, it was recently noted that Sprint PCS sucks in Atlanta, New York, Tampa and Baltimore, to name a few.
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