Thursday, April 13, 2017

📶 3/22, 6:10 pm

On the train home. Busy day. Kinda quiet, but still a lot to do and not enough time.I guess that's nearly always the case but right now my work inbox is suffering. I can't seem to get it down below 320 and right now I have no idea how full it is but I'm guessing it's close to one thousand. My home inbox is pretty full too as is Feedly. But I guess it's the result of how I've been prioritizing (or not). I am looking forward to the single-day vacation tomorrow - maybe sleep in and then just spend the day with the family, go to the Huntington and just be still and chill. That's very appealing.

Composed Wednesday, March 22, 6:10 pm on some device or in some location where I didn't have a signal.
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