Tuesday, April 04, 2017

📶 3/15, 6:20 am

Thirty-seven point five. 37.5 damn pounds. 37.5 dumb pounds. 37.5 reminders that I have not been exerting the control I possess. 3.5 months into the new year and I pretty much weigh what I did when the year started. There's no excuse for that. Sure, I tried to take on too much... lose weight, keep up with chores, email and Feedly, floss every day, hit my step count, read a book for at least five minutes a day. Jumping jacks. Situps. Pushups. Write a blog post. And so on. While I have flossed every in 2017, everything else has been allowed to stagnate. No more. 37.5. I'm coming for you.

Composed Wednesday, March 15, 6:20 am on some device or in some location where I didn't have a signal.
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