Friday, April 07, 2017

📶 3/20, 7 am

Everything feels different. I slept poorly after 3:30 am, and since everyone else is on spring break I snoozed the alarm for 30 minutes. But sure how much that did, but I'm glad I did it. Except that I had to park in the dreadful overflow, there's a bunch more cops hassling people and the timing is all off - I will not win any awards today for travel-times, at least not with the 10 minute wait and extra time waking from the overflow lot. People on the train also seem to be more chatty at 7 versus 6:30. Weird.

I don't understand why sleep continues to be horrible. I had no problem falling asleep but once I woke up I couldn't get back to sleep. Amazing - this train car is full already and we're at the first stop with still a minute or two before we depart.

Composed Monday, March 20, 7 am on some device or in some location where I didn't have a signal.
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