Monday, February 11, 2013


It's been a few months since I worked on my identity series.

I've covered the roles and values, high time I moved onto the passions - the things I love about my life.

I love my family.

Multiple people want to talk to me and Sesame Street videos are playing which isn't conducive to writing.  I'm going to try to stay out here, though, and be a part of the family because it's pretty cool - Rachel's working on mazes (I'm going to need to make some that are as difficult to work backwards as forwards as she's convinced it's easier to do mazes backwards and that it's not cheating), Lori's emptying the dishwasher and thinking about dinner and Ben's sitting on a chair murmuring along to Cookie Monster singing "Share it Maybe."   The curtains are still open and it's starting to get dark so we have a number of lights on.  I know if I were outside passing the house I know it would have that warm yellow/orange glow that I love seeing in homes when I'm running, walking or driving in the evenings.

Currently, my family is my wife, two children and a cat.

Extending out further, locally, mom and dad and mother-in-law.

Widening further, my brother and his wife and their three children, my grandma and my wife's brothers and their families.

And then of course, there are some close family friends, some of whom are in our small group, others at church and some we only see anymore on Facebook.

And then there is people at work whom I've grown rather close with.

I'm surrounded by a lot of family.

I'm not sure what else to write on the subject.
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