Friday, April 17, 2009

Well, Excuuuuuuse Me

For some reason, my post complaining about Old Navy from 2006 still gets a lot of traffic. Some of it comes from people who hate the U.S. Navy and some are from people searching for Old Navy or searching for people who hate Old Navy. Someone tonight decided to post an anonymous comment saying that I'm an idiot because that's the design of the store. They then go on to complain about Hollister and Abercrombie, suggesting both are worse. I've never been into either, but just from what I've seen outside, I suspect that I wouldn't disagree with that person. To their credit, they did spell "you're" and "it's" correctly, that's almost enough to get me to post their comment. (They then go downhill, failing to capitalize some proper nouns and offer up what appears to be questions, without final question marks.)

Anyhow, last time I looked, this was my blog, it is a free country, and while yes, I'm sure I've made many a post on there that would cause people to think me an idiot, not quite clear why this one struck a nerve. Are there really Old Navy fanbois and fangrrlz? Did someone just get promoted to manager of their store's Northwest Corner Sweater-Folding Division? Is someone on the corporate public relations team drunk-posting?

I just don't get it. Who gets that bent out of shape about someone complaining about a homogenized box store that would be better suited for selling 2x4's or four-packs of caskets next to cheap Chinese bigscreen TVs?

When did it become bad form for someone to say fluorescent lighting and cement floors might not be the best way to showcase fashion?

Disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of Old Navy fashion, I'm not a big fan of their stores, I'm not a big fan of their commercials where they're just doing voiceovers of mannequins.

And that's ok. So suck it up, anonymous and go post something useful. Elsewhere.
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