Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Want

Things I'd like to do right now:
  • Drive really, really fast.  Like 90.
  • Reenact the scene where Peter, Michael, and Samir are in the field
  • Fill a microwave full of aluminum foil and set the timer for 20 minutes
  • Fill a microwave full of marshmallows and set the timer for 20 minutes
  • Fill a microwave full of Christmas lights and set the timer for 2 minutes
  • Throw something through a window just to see all the pieces fall down
  • Tell someone "no" to a request, without any softening words, without deferring to someone else
  • Watch a tank blow something up
  • Listen to really loud music (or at least hear a better version of one of my favorite songs than the one that's playing now)
  • Use a flamethrower on the weeds in my yard
  • Disassemble a car into a dumpster (that is, no requirement to rebuild)
  • Go to Starbucks
  • Clean off my desk
  • Delete the voicemail on my phone without listening to it
(I make no warranty about the language used in any of the links, except to say there is some that most people wouldn't appreciate, especially in the first clip.)

I'm not necessarily feeling destructive, just a little frustrated/stressed and those would be good stress relief.  It's been a rough day.  Of all the things up there, I will at least be able to delete the voicemail without listening to it, and I will probably end up listening to Motley CrΓΌe's "Kickstart My Heart" during the drive home which will not be fast at all since I've committed to not speeding anymore and it won't be super-loud since I think I blew the Infinity speakers in the car years ago (why do they always put in amps that exceed speaker capacity? Like they want you to blow them.).  But I have no Starbucks cards on me, no old printers to smash, don't know anyone who has a tank or a flamethrower and my desk?  Yeah... hmmm... flamethower... desk... flamethrower... desk... tank... desk... ha.  That would be funny. 

Anyhow... I should probably sign-out and go home... someone from work just called my Google Voice number and Lori picked it up at home and accidentally hung up on them.  I should leave before they come down here to find me.
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