Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Shape of Dumb

Ladies and gentlemen... my I present - my office.  The thickness of the walls are exaggerated, but the ones in light blue are the ones up against the window.  So, yes, when I'm sitting at my desk I don't have a good view out the window.  (There's storage all along the wall by the windows.)  The big long desk to my left has several testing laptops no one uses and a small server.  The round table, while useful, needs to be moved constantly in order to access the whiteboard or the cabinets.

I'm currently contemplating how I might rework to take advantage of the space better and to make it harder for people to invade my personal space which happens way too frequently.  (I'm at the computer and they come stand behind me.)  I'll probably raise some surfaces and reorient my view so I can see out the window more.  All depends on whether or not they can swap out the walls along the window for a slightly different configuration that would let me put my nice corner unit (they don't offer those anymore) over by the windows.
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