Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bang Problem

The "Big Bang" has always puzzled me. It's pretty well accepted now by the scientific community that at one point, there was nothing. And then "bang" the universe blinked into existence.

And I've heard Stephen Hawking explain how that's possible. Granted, I didn't fully understand, but what I did, I didn't really buy.

To my brain, how can something not exist and then exist? To me, the "big bang" did nothing to suggest to me that God didn't exist.

For me, it did exactly the opposite. I feel the most alive when I bring order out of chaos, whether it's boiling down 45-minute algebra lectures in high school into 30-second explanations that were clearer to my classmates (and I hate math) or taking on a new project and collecting information and working to make sense of it -- or if it's walking into a messy kitchen, cranking up iTunes and cleaning the kitchen -- I thrive on that stuff. I bring order out of chaos. I am a fixer, a solver, a creator.

In church yesterday I was totally able to relate to the idea that The Big Bang is a clue that points to the existence of something or someone who exists outside of our idea of time -- the creator of everything our minds can comprehend (and probably far more).

God. My creator.
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