Monday, April 06, 2009

Everything in Moderation, Right?

Yeah, that's enough for today. It's only gone to show to how uncoordinated, inflexible and how out of shape I am. But, I know better. Had I pushed through and gone the rest of the workout, I'd be in pain later and not want to exercise tomorrow.

I think I did 12 minutes. They probably were still in the "warm-up" for all I know. Then I did a little bit of what hopefully counted as a cool down and am now on the exercise bike for a few minutes.

I see there's some "Biggest Loser" choices on the On Demand. I wonder if that would be more my style. Most exercise programs are led by sexy women or buff men who obviously exercise regularly. I hate them.

I haven't checked the "Biggest Loser" OnDemand offerings but if I were making an exercise program, I would create a 60-day video series that started with four minutes on day one and use exercise leaders who had obviously never exercised before in their lives. You know, actual fat people. Find some who are good in front of crowds and have a decent fluidity of movement. Slowly increase over time and also include an eating plan that slowly gets more healthy (still eating doughnuts on day one). I'm only guessing at the 60 day thing, but if you could take real fat people and make them skinny and trim over the course of the video series, it would be really compelling to people who were tempted to give up on a plan, but if they could see it in front of their own eyes, that would probably sell a lot of videos.

Who knows? Maybe you only get so far in the first 60 days and the video series continues and you keep selling it 30 days at a time. Maybe there's a business opportunity there.
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