Monday, August 13, 2007

Famous Last Words

I think I might finally be done with the Wirefly / Cingular mess. So much time has elapsed that one of the companies has even changed their name. So, I won't be getting the $176 credit that was on the account, but I am getting the $108 back. Or rather, they're transferring it to my still active account, which is a great deal, since we're just going to give it back to them again anyhow, this saves printing and mailing a check, me scanning and depositing the check and then them charging my credit card for it.

But man, oh man. Props to Drederick Jack of AT&Tingular for patiently trying to figure out what the heck was going on, dealing with me when he couldn't get a manager on the line* and finally figuring out that the best option was to give me the money back and then proposing that method of transfer. And then backing it up by reminding me that I can dial *BAL# within a day or two to confirm that it's been done.

(*Where'd all the managers go? Or is that new policy? Let them sit on hold for awhile until they calm down and/or hang up.)
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