Sunday, August 26, 2007

Slightly Lazy Sunday

I find myself with some suddenly unexpected free time. We were supposed to go somewhere and I begged off. I've been wandering around all afternoon doing random chores and trying to get caught up on stuff. I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment. I might even go out and do some weeding. As for the moment, I'm spoiling my dinner with cold left-over sweet and sour pork from earlier today and thinking about having a soda.

The thermometer says it's 69 outside in the shade. We've had most of our windows open for months now, it's been nice. We never got the heat wave that we had last summer, so hoping the fall will be tamer as well. Yesterday was nice all morning while I was out with Rachel and then in the afternoon, I was able to get most of the lawn mowed before it started pouring. So then I started running with the mower to try to get done quicker. I was soaked to the core by the time I went inside, but it felt good. And now means I get to relax a little more in this bit of nice weather.
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