Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crash Call Pilot

Ok, I've only used it for a couple of days now, but Nortel Call Pilot is a really crappy, crappy voicemail system. Probably the worst one I've ever used.

To do anything requires several keystrokes, the recorded voice is abrupt and unpleasant and it's just annoying and frustrating. This is the first one where I'm going to have to keep the menu tree handy for years.

It only does three cool things (based on the level of access we've been given).
  1. Separate internal/external greetings
  2. Can put an expiration date on temporary greetings
  3. Can control some functions via ugly website with cumbersome plug-in that only works on Internet Explorer.
So if you're the maker of a voicemail system and it doesn't have these features -- but does have a pleasant sounding recorded voice and is easy to navigate, these would be great features to add (except that Firefox support and a nice design for the website would be plusses).

If you're Nortel, please start over because Nortel Call Pilot is a stinky piece of cheese.
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