Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Wow... my posting for August has been pathetic. I've been swamped with work, obsessed with Weewar, completely consumed by Federal Way Graffiti and getting behind in my chores. I guess I've been doing more on Twitter, but I'm still not exactly sure what the point of Twitter is. It still seems really vain. But what I really don't get is Facebook. I have one and everyone at work keeps adding me to theirs, but I still get the point to it.

Tonight, however, I find myself sitting on the floor of Rachel's room with the laptop. A little while ago Rachel awoke with a start just in amazing hysterics. She wasn't easily calmed and wouldn't even eat. Until I laid her down in the master bedroom, then she was happy to eat and eat and eat. We keep telling her that if she keeps refusing to eat dinner that this is going to happen, but she doesn't listen to us.

Work has been utterly crazy. No sooner than I was promoted to Manager of Email Production then I was loaned to another group to become the Acting Manager of Web Production. It's a temporary gig. It's kind of dumb because mostly that job involves being a filtering layer between customers and a single temp producer who then does jobs or distributes them out to the two other temp producers. So one of the guys on my team stepped into an Acting Team Leader for the email group, but it's been harder than expected to get things turned over to him because he's also doing full-time production. And a lot of what I'm doing can't just be turned over. It's all about meetings and things in progress that I can't just dump on him. Between Web and Email, we are also borrowing three people from another group and cross-training. But the Web side has been slow to get their 1-1/2 borrowed people up to speed, so we've kind of snagged all three for the email side.

I am totally enjoying the nice weather mixed with rain. Both have been a nice treat and I like how it keeps switching back and forth.

I am once again waiting for the next big thing. Google Maps embedded on pages is pretty cool and I've already suggested a use for it at work and they love it. The downside is that you can only show the first 100 push-pins and there's no way to get to the next ones. I suspect that most maps (like the one my employer wants to do) never get to 100 push-pins. Another big thing is that I'm getting a Blackberry in a few weeks. It'll be a little less than seven years since I've been chained to a Blackberry. They sure have changed since then. Like I really want to carry around two phones constantly, but I will enjoy being able to send email and check weather and movie schedules and get maps wherever I am. Sadly, the device won't sport GPS or a camera, but I think I'll live. Unless all the radiation kills me.

The baby is now fast asleep. But I see no reason to move. I'm comfortable and there's some life left on the battery. At some point, Lori will come up from riding the exercise bike, but I guess until then, I can just continue to play around on the computer. I had cleaned out my inbox of all mail on Saturday and now there's 40 again. And very few are from actual people, most are stuff I just need to read and get rid of. I've been trying to do more walking in the mornings before work, looking for more graffiti. I'm running out of good places to go, at least places I can drive to before work and then walk around and then get to work on time. I'll probably have to start going back where I've already been to see what's really been covered up and what hasn't. I probably could stand to walk more. I'm six pounds up from my lowest and seem to be pretty much stuck there. I'm having a hard time getting motivated to make a real effort. I need to.

I'm also not doing much reading these days. I got two books from the library and I started one on landscaping and have misplaced it. Which is odd because it's huge. And the magazines are piling up again. And I was also reading a book my boss loaned me calling "Getting Things Done." Ironically, after two months, I'm still not done with it and it, too, has disappeared. I'm starting to think there's some book theft ring operating out of the general vicinity of my nightstand.

I don't even think I made it up to the city this month. I know we passed through it two weekends in a row, once to go camping up near Canada and then the following week to go to Snohomish for my brother's wedding, but I don't think I've been in the city. Pity. Alicia and Nathe have been doing a good job selling Tacoma to me. Our Seattle Zoo passes are expiring and I think when we renew it will be for the Tacoma zoo.

And just like that, it's done. The random thoughts have all left my head. Perhaps it's time to begin thinking about sleep.
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