Sunday, February 07, 2016

Day 38: 144 Days to L.A.

It feels like we're getting closer to "normal" around here.  Not like yesterday, but like normal for us. We all went to church together this morning. In Ben's classroom, they have these large (2.5'x4'?) metal trays bolted to the wall and then lots of flat magnets that can go on them.  (The really weak kind that are less likely to be swallowed and not be injurious if they are.)  Anyhow, I've never know Ben to really play with them in class.  There was a similar setup in the waiting area of a place he went to years ago for therapy and I do remember him messing with them a little bit there.  Apparently, though, while playing today, he announced "This is fun."  Ben doesn't talk much, but sometimes a full sentence pops out and it's mind-blowing.  I wish I had been there for that.  Two weeks go he apparently gave another caregiver a spontaneous hug.

We had left-over pork and veggies for lunch from the wonderful meal Lori's mom brought over last night.  In the afternoon Gilda brought over pizza which we enjoyed at dinner time and Lori and Gilda got to spend some nice time chatting (I was hanging with Ben).  Rachel got all her responsibilities done, we watched an episode of Dr. Who, and then Ben and I went for a walk.  We worked on walking without holding hands (and not running off) and stopping and looking and holding hands when crossing the street.  It went really well.

I also got some contracting work done and I picked the top 7 mugs I want to keep in the kitchen. The herd was thinned out not too long ago, so we'll keep most of the ones I didn't put back in the cabinet but maybe 1 or 2 will get donated.  There, that was my contribution to the impending move.

Oh, also did my taxes. It was super-easy and super-quick with H&R Block.  There's still a few things to go back and double-check, but even with 4 W2s and a 1099, still took nearly no time at all. A few surprises, but at least one of them was pleasant.

Did not get into bed by 11 like I'd wanted to, but as soon as I'm done here, will do a little reading before turning the light off.  Also tried to count my calories but there were too many of them and I lost track.  I'm over tonight but not by nearly as much.  Starting to slowly get back to normalcy.  I'm 25-30 pounds less than when we move here, but over 20 pounds above my lowest, which was within 3 pounds of my goal.  Weight loss is hard.
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