Saturday, February 06, 2016

Day 37: 145 Days to L.A.

I'm not sure I did much to get us closer to L.A., but today was a good day.  So I've been sleeping on the couch in the living room.  I wanted to make things as easy and quiet for Lori as possible during her recovery - none of my tossing and turning or anything to disrupt her when she does sleep, since she's been having troubles sleeping.  I've recently discovered that the coffee maker is the best way to wake up, better than an alarm, so I've gone to the trouble the past few days of setting it up the night before so that there's fresh coffee each morning when I wake up.  Morning me thinks night-before-me is really awesome like that.

So I got up at 8, had my oatmeal and coffee, and then went downstairs and fired up the Xbox.  I was expecting Rachel at 9 to play Skylanders, but thought I'd get some Black Ops III in while I waited. She never showed. Turns out that she got distracted, never got her shower done and lost track of time. Eventually I went upstairs, got almost all of the finances caught up and paid off another credit card.

Lori came down and put on Bolt. It was nice to have her back, she's mostly just stayed on the bed in our room, coloring and binging The West Wing.  But today she felt like she had some strength back and less pain.  (Yay!)

Then Ben wanted to go outside. I really didn't want to go, but he can't go outside by himself and when he doesn't go outside on the weekends, he gets really stir-crazy and can become quite the handful. So, outside we went. I raked up a lot of stuff, including a big pile of dead ferns I had cut down before our realtor visited.  I also made a pile of junk from the backyard that needs to go in the trash.

Then I sat in a chair and played with my phone for a long time. It was quite peaceful and quiet and I actually appreciated it. He mostly just sat quietly in the treehouse. But then eventually he slid down the slide and was ready to go inside.

Toy Story and part of The Incredibles was also screened today.

So we came in. Before too long Lori's mom stopped by with dinner - pork and cooked potatoes and asparagus. Yum. Then we got the children ready for bed, I cleaned the kitchen, Lori and I did a little research on appliances for the kitchen, talked about some recent listings that had come up, talked about our finances and then I went down and did some clean-up in the garage. Threw away some more stuff that won't be making the move, broke down some cardboard and stacked all the boxes of giveaway in preparation of another trip.

I also got a bit of work done for my contracting gig.

It was a full day, but not a stressful day.  It felt like "normal" day, but unlike any day we've really had before.  So maybe an idealized normal that I hope we have more of.

So, I guess I got some L.A.-related stuff done after all. Just no priming or painting. Soon, I'm sure.
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