Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Product Idea: Glitter and Confetti Cannon

Our daughter went to a party recently and when my wife dropped her off, she didn't spot a lot of decoration. In the past, there have been some amazing theme parties.  Lori wasn't sure if she hadn't ventured far enough in the house or maybe the child had outgrown themed parties.

Or, I thought, maybe they just hadn't done it yet. Immediately I imagined a device that you would walk around with shooting stuff onto the walls. The flaws with such a product were immediately apparent, but it was fun to imagine anyhow. The only way it would work is if it were one of those bastardy-products - you know the type - not actually designed to be used, but simply designed to be sold. Once they have your money, they don't care. Not something you'll ever buy again, not something you'll even admit to your friends you bought, let alone warn them off from. It'd have to be sold at discount stores or places where people only shop infrequently, like party supply stores.  And it would have to work just well enough to deter people from demanding refunds.

If anyone makes such a product in the future, I wish for no credit whatsoever for this horrible idea. I promise that at least one of my future product ideas will be decent. (It involves billboards.)

Also, the similarities to Homer's make-up shotgun aren't lost on me.

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