Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of March

Ok, so it's been a long time since I've posted an end-of-month post on here.  In fact, my posting is, in general, far too infrequent.  I've been busy.  Work has been busy, the commute still cuts into the day, and I've been busy with stuff at home.

I'd become dissatisfied with my progress in a number of areas this month, so I built a dashboard to quantify things.  It formed a rudimentary system.  Keep Feedly below 100 unread items, deduct points. Otherwise, incur points. Stay under my calories for the day, deduct points, otherwise incur points. Keep my inbox under control, deduct points. Otherwise, penalty. Every 5 minutes of reading? Bonus.  No reading in a day? Oooh... bad.  So, it's helped me stay focused on a few key areas and cut down on wasted time. It hasn't completely freed me or completely cured me of some of my bad habits, but it's been helpful to focus. I'll continue to tweak over time.  The latest thing I've considered adding is what time I went to bed. Aiming for 11.  Probably my biggest problem right now is that a day with bad results doesn't actually result in a penalty beyond a red score.

Work is almost done. The contract ends soon and they're not able to get a new headcount. Not sure what's next.

This is ending up being shorter than I thought. But, at least I actually posted something this time.
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