Sunday, March 01, 2015

Review: Halting State

Halting State
by Charles Stross

I really enjoyed The Apocalypse Codex but had started with book 4. So I saw this author had another series on my library's website and I downloaded book 1 of this series. Unfortunately, after one drive I decided enough was enough. The narrator used a very thick and deep Scottish accent for narration (with his characters all having less of an accent) and it's in, I think, the second person, and the lead character is a woman, but you don't find that out for awhile because the character's name is Mac and it takes place in Glasgow. The individual pieces I list here aren't a problem on their own (I've rather enjoyed the last series I read with a female Deputy Inspector with the Glasgow "polis") but it was just too hard to follow-along and I sadly gave it up. The book did feature the same great turns of phrase (and I don't mean "the same") as the other Charles Stross books I've read, so perhaps this is more a review of the audiobook than of the book itself. Someone who lives in Scotland would probably appreciate the accent and find the book really easy to listen to.

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