Saturday, May 31, 2014


Another month has come and gone. It was a busy month, but a month where I turned a corner. Leadercast was a phenomenal experience that made me think a lot. Some people say it wasn't as good as the previous year, but I got a lot out of it.

I did not post enough in May, I ate more than enough in May, I did not exercise enough in May. Our yard got much better looking in May. The weather was really phenomenal in May. I haven't read enough. I am slogging my way through one book while several others on my nightstand creep towards being due back at the library. At this stage, I'm just storing them for the library. *sigh*

So I'm doing my end-of-the-month review a day late, it's the end of the day on June 1 as I write this, but that's fine, because this month is set into motion well. (Note: backdating it to last night so that it appears in the correct archive.)

On Friday Ben had won an award at school so I took off work a little early to go to that. And then I worked from home and when it was time to punch out, I went outside with Ben. Having no commute would be awesome. You'll find a blog post full of photos from our time outside below (Hello, Summer). Yesterday was a combined family party for our children. Other than Ben spilling a million drinks (we think we won't serve beverages at future parties), it was a real nice time and it was fun to see so many children in the house and so much family. Today we went to the early service at church as a family and then Lori went and took a rest. She's been feeling cruddy for a couple of weeks now with something she's been unable to shake. I hung out with Ben and Rachel disappeared into her room to play with her Legos. She hasn't given us the money yet, but with a little bit of her birthday money added, she's saved up enough to get a Kindle.

Even though I stopped the weekly recaps of my attempts to get a handle on my chores, I still continue to attempt to make a workable system. Today I sat down and whittled and whittled and whittled until I had a list of 75 things I want to get done this month. Big items that there are lots and lots and lots of, I chose the most deserving 75, ranging from washing a set of curtains to changing smoke detector batteries to starting to paint the outside of the house. I had to be ruthless in my cutting and they don't show up on my daily stuff, but I printed them out. I feel good about the list.

I also went running today. 1.5 miles. Small, but it's been way too long. Time to get back to it.

Feeling good. Still struggling in more areas than I'd like to admit, but not going to let those control me.

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