Saturday, June 16, 2012


Back to the series, finally.

I think we all know have a good idea about what dishonesty is, probably one of those things most of learned in kindergarten but then tested the limits of, at least in the simplest form of lying.

Dishonesty is the intentional intent to provide false information, either by lying or by failing to provide accurate information in situations where it's called for, where volunteering it is the right thing.

I know it's not black and white, I know that there are times when I lie, but it is rare.  I'm probably more guilty of failure to offer up information.

Why did I put this one on the list?  I think because it's contrary to something I believe strongly in, the freedom of information.  And disinformation can be worse than the absence of information.  I think I'm looking at dishonesty from the perspective of selfishness.  We tell lies because we want to make it easier on ourselves, we want to get away with something we shouldn't, because we want something that for our own personal gains that would not be accessible truthfully.

So, yeah, not something I aspire to, not something I desire in those I keep close in my life.
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