Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Review: Southern Discomfort by Margaret Maron

Lori handed me Southern Discomfort and I was at first drawn to the film noir style writing on the cover and the picture containing a woman looking at blueprints with a house being constructed in the background.

I started reading the book, which was rich with detail, but began complaining because it felt like *nothing* was happening. Several times Lori just told me that things would start happening, but eventually grew tired of my complaints and said "Well, then don't read it." By that point, though I was too invested. I mean, nothing was happening, but it didn't just outright irritate me -- it wasn't a book I was ready to put down unresolved -- I felt like I ought to keep going. The book didn't seem to be all that long and the font size was just this side of large print. By that point, I was fine with nothing happening, because it was at least a pleasant description of calm.

I was worried about where it might go and relieved when it didn't go there, but it went other places. That is to say that things finally started to happen. I liked the story, I liked the characters, I liked the richness of detail. It felt well put together and it was worth the read. I think it's part of a series that Lori had read in the past and decided to read through again, so I think there will be others for me to read in the near future as Lori finishes them and hands them off to me.
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