Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Not to Email

I can't decide if this is a work-related post or not.  But, it's the case of two emailers who FAIL.

Exhibit A: eBay
According to the email (in which the most commonly repeated phrase is my username), I could win an iPad or a $500 AMEX card.

But, if you've already got an iPad,
don't bother.

Exhibit B: American Express
American Express wants your opinion.  A nicely done, simple email asks you to complete a survey.

I imagine a lot of people clicked on the email but then bailed here.

If you already know who I am, and you're not asking me to access my account or pay my bill, why make me go to the trouble of signing in?  It's just a survey.  "Fast and Easy" isn't sufficient motivation.

I regularly complete surveys for e-Rewards, but I also get a lot of email.  If it's going to take extra work, or waiting until I get back to my laptop, the bar's gotta be pretty high.  Neither of these clear it.

In both cases, I deleted the emails and moved on.  
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