Monday, March 12, 2012

500 in 300: No Such Luck

I really had not expected the winter to take the wind out of my sails to such a pathetic degree.   I had been doing well, ahead of pace at the start.  But when you pretty much stop running for several months, you can't keep up the pace.  I will not hit 500 miles in 300 days.  However, I'm going to start running again soon and we'll see how long it does take me.  Lessons learned: (1) Don't make a goal over a busy, busy holiday season tinged with miserable weather and (2) Don't stop running.

I am 71% through the 300 days and only 39% done with the 500 miles.  (I should be at 356, I'm at 195.)  I needed a rate of 1.67, I'm down to 91.  The gray line shows me at 160 behind goal (304 miles to go in 84 days.  2.57 miles every single day between now and then.)

I don't think I'm going to make it.  Sad.
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