Thursday, March 22, 2012

#EEC12 Kansas Speedway (A Work-Related Post)

#6 in a series

Customer Connections: Using Social & Customer Data to Improve Email Relevancy
Stephanie Miller, VP, Digital Messaging Solutions, Aprimo
Julie Brown, Consumer Marketing Manager, Kansas Speedway

  • Your customer is learning about in a lot of new ways, a lot of them you don't control or pay for
  • Their research will lead them to you eventually
  • (1) Customers don't want more email, they want relevant email
  • (2) Communicate on the customer's timeline and urgency
  • (3) Where do we go from here? (checklist)
  • What hasn't killed email? (spam, blogs, twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youth, etc.)
  • Email marketing is technology-driven
  • Monte Carlo (Vegas hotel) example - one template, unlimited customization, including photo (see slides)
  • See slide #26 for checklist.  In brief:
  • (1) Check the data (3 steps)
  • (2) Mold the program to "in market" moments (3 steps)
  • (3) Focus on "raving fans" (3 steps)
  • (4) Ultilize alternate channels (1 step)
  • Recommendation: 10-15% of message each month should be customized and you'll see lift in all messages
  • Evolution of email: Mass/bulk/blast -> Event-triggered -> Life-Stage -> Lifecycle
  • "Don't use data too soon or it's creepy."
  • If they (Kansas Speedway) has a twitter account, they use hashtags in the subject line - and they do then see those tags tweeted.
  • "Each email is buying the opportunity to send the next email."
  • View the slides on Slideshare
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