Friday, December 18, 2009

10 Minutes

I'm really feeling uninspired to write.  I can't think of anything to write about and I'm still struggling with the idea that I don't have anything that I want to write about.

The curtains in front of me are open, which is somewhat unusual.  This is a large window situated high on the wall above the couch and faces north towards Seattle.  If it were lighter, the view would be of our neighbor's home, trees and sky.  However, it's so pitch black this morning that the view is a reflection of this room - the overhead light, me mostly in what I can only descripbe as white-silhouette -- you can see the outline of my hair and t-shirt bobbing up and down as I step on and off of the Wii balance board.  There's the voice caused by the laptop in front of me and off to one side the reflection of the TV.  "Damaged" by Danity Kane is playing on Pandora.  It's not that good a song, but at least it's got a consistent, fast beat that easy to walk to.

Today is our department Christmas party.  They're doing light catering and then a lot of people are making dessert.  This is a nightmare for me.  Large groups of people standing around not doing anything, unlimited access to food in the form of goodies, a really vague duration (noon to 2 or 3).  I might have to duck out at some point to go take my walk or something.  Really need to remember to recharge my Blackberry.  Then at least I can do some work while I'm sitting there.  I'm hoping they send us all home early.  Then I could hang out with Ben while Rachel and Lori go to a birthday party.  (Friends - three things that should not happen in December: moving, birthday, wedding.)

"S.O.S." by Rihanna.  That's a little better.  But what kind of name is Ree-hah-nah?  Probably not how it's pronounced, but what do I know?  I think the H is silent, but I don't really care.

I'm tired.  Just weary.  And hungry.  Just over an hour until breakfast and coffee.  And 90 seconds left to go on my walk.