Monday, December 21, 2009

Reindeer Games

Played three fun Christmas games this weekend.  While none were necessarily new, they were all fun, in case you're looking for a last-minute game idea.

Christmas Mad-Libs - we were handed a sheet that asked for things like "Superhero" and "article of clothing" and "noun" and "favorite movie quote" - asked for more than 30 of them.  Then we were handed "'Twas the night before Christmas" with blanks in it.  One person read while the other added the missing words. The fun part was that when we were picking the words, we didn't know the context. 

Christmas Memory - a large tray was presented for a few brief seconds, twice.  Then we had to write down as many things as we could remember off the tray.  Ranged from a stamp to a Christmas card to a pinecone to an ornament.  Probably at least 50 items on the tray.

Christmas Pictionary - Two teams had to guess from the simpler "Deck the Halls" to the more complex English carols the names of which I've already forgotten.  Some were probably too complex.  I am pretty proud of myself, though, one guy drew "___ ___ ___ ___ ____________" (we were drawing lines first in each round to show how many words we were looking for) and I knew right away what it was.  He then tried to draw more and no one on his team or our team got it.  I'm not sure I'd pose this one if I were running the game, but it was "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."  My "12 Days of Christmas" was kinda sad, but someone still got it pretty quickly.  (I drew 12 boxes and then a really sickly bird in a really sickly tree in the first box and they got it.)