Wednesday, October 03, 2007


In general, I'm not known for leaving. Often, I'll hang around until I'm called into an office and handed some cardboard boxes. Thinking about the types of things I've quit...

I don't know if it counts, but I stopped going to Boy Scouts at some point. The Eagle Badge required a level of commitment that I didn't have. I was more interested in slinging pizzas and making money.

I quit Lamb's Office Supply several times, rehired each time -- sometimes against my will, even.

I did quit a church council. I stuck with it a long time, though. Lori was also on the council and she quit, but I held on gritting my teeth for some time after that. Then, enough was enough. I planned to give my resignation at the end of an annual church meeting, but ended up handing my resignation letter to the chair partway through the meeting and then going outside and playing on the monkey bars for awhile. For some reason I think I didn't have a car there or something.

Lori and I would later quit the church altogether, but that was inevitable, it was now a 30 minute drive each way and the atmosphere hadn't improve. We would have just drifted away, but we felt we owed the pastor an explanation. He turned around and accused us of never contributing to the church. Laughable and we'll leave it at that.

We did ultimately leave the new church, but I also left my job at said church and we gave up our Southern California lifestyle and most importantly, palm trees. But I did give three months' notice and we were following God's leading.

Tonight I quit something else. Again, a church committee. I should have done it months ago, but I hung in there, thinking it would get better. It didn't and I finally realized tonight that if I didn't slink out like a little weasel that people would continue to assume that I had their back when I knew that wasn't even remotely possible. So, I fired off an email like a wus, but at least now there's no more assumptions.

I guess the lesson learned is that I'm not cut out for lay church leadership.
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