Thursday, June 28, 2007

Twitter Goes Down Too Much

It's raining outside. It sounds really cool. It doesn't seem like that's worthy of a full blogger post, but Twitter is down again. Actually, I'm standing in the kitchen on the laptop and using the desktop at the same time. Kinda weird. But I have the window open and there's a really refreshing breeze coming in. I have the lights off, the only light coming from the two computer monitors. Makes you forget all your real troubles for a little while. I guess I might as well just keep writing since I've started now.

I had a really challenging day. I think I mostly handled it well. It was a really rough day where people disconnected pulled the wrong strings. I dutifully went along with it, but my safety net was absent and the choices that were made were ones I wouldn't have made and in some cases, they were really communicated to me in a poor and haphazard manner that left a lot to be desired and caused me and those around me unnecessary work, in some cases, undoing something only to have to redo it. In the end, we pulled it off. At least today's part. Tomorrow we were going to have to do it all over again, but we argued that would really tick off our constituents and finally were able to get through to some cooler heads who agreed with us and offered to play safety net and stand up to the string pullers and explain to them that it was in their best interests not to do tomorrow what they wanted done tomorrow. We'll see it that holds, but I have every confidence that it will.

And now the child who won't go to bed is once again summoning me. No doubt for a get-out-of-bed-free fake claim of needing to use the bathroom. Such an evil ploy because they know you can't deny them because they might be tellng the truth.
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