Friday, June 01, 2007 "Hey hey hey. Over here. Yoo, hoo, girlfriend!"

MSNBC.COM -- Ok, this is downright moronic. Woman's suing eHarmony because of its policy of only catering to the heterosexual community. This is all about picking a fight. There are plenty of other dating websites that do allow "men seeking men" and "women seeking women" and I'm sure there are some that only offer such pairings.

In my opinion, it's one thing to demand that someone sit at the back of the bus, or Wal*Mart passing someone over for a promotion because of their skin tone/hair color/sexual preference/accent/etc. and entirely another for you to sue because someone's trying to make money by catering to a specific demographic.

It'd be like a Christian suing JDate or me suing Goodwill-competitor "Out of the Closet" thrift stores for not offering non-flamboyant used clothing. Or Olive Garden for not offering Lobster and Hummis on the menu. (Ok, the last one's a stretch, but still...)

Of course, in our sue-happy culture, this is all about the lawyers and people wanting to get something for nothing just because they can say "boo hoo" and claim they've been slighted because they couldn't find a size zero at Catherines, a size 21 at Forever 21 or a well-made car at a GM, Ford or Chrysler dealership.

If it's the sophisticated matching that eHarmony does (and I've heard people say it's bunk and that they didn't find any matches) that they're after, then it probably won't work to find compatible matches amongst gay people. Instead of harassing eHarmony, go start your own gayHarmony with your own sophisticated matching algorithms designed for the gay dating scene.

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