Thursday, May 10, 2007

Late to the Party (RSS Feeds)

I'll still admit that I don't "get" Twitter. I don't know what the point of it is, even though I have one.

But, I just finally figured out the point of RSS feeds. Now, I was creating RSS feeds years ago, but they were for Podcasting through iTunes. And I've been pulling down podcasts for my own iPod for awhile. But for other people's blogs? I knew I could put them all on some page for other people to see, or as tickers on my own website or Gmail, but I didn't quite realize their usefulness.

I keep finding more and more blogs of interest to me. And it was starting to get overwhelming. I had to create a to do list to remind me to check out each one regularly.

And then I found Better Gmail, a Firefox/GreaseMonkey script that adds a bunch of cool stuff to Gmail. One of them was a "Feed" link that integrated Google Reader, including showing the number of unread posts.

So now, instead of trying to organize my reading schedule, now I just know nearly instantly when any of the 19 things I'm following has a new post.
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