Tuesday, February 07, 2006

36 hours...

We figured it out... in the past 36 hours, we have sold a house in California, purchased a home in Washington, and I was offered a job. It's a contract job, but a job nonetheless.

Go back a little farther and in the last week I

  • celebrated a birthday
  • cheered on the Seahawks (we're undefeated for Superbowl 41!)
  • drove from Sea-Tac to my parent's house and back
  • drove from my parent's house to Kent and back twice
  • drove from my parent's house to Federal Way and back once
  • ultimately put 600 miles on a rental car
  • fell in love with the idea of driving a full-size (Trailblazer) SUV
  • decided GM shouldn't be completely written off as producing crummy cars
  • flew from L.A. to Seattle and back with a 20-month-old who didn't sleep either way (she wasn't too fussy, but she got loud)
  • applied for a job
  • interviewed for a job with three people
  • was asked if I'd take a job
  • sold a house in California
  • viewed 23 houses (3 twice)
  • purchased a house
  • several birthday celebrations and meals
  • and more I can't remember at the moment.

phew... what a long week!

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