Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Goodbye Kiefer, Hello Tom

In college, I was pretty regularly described as resembling a "young Kiefer Sutherland." With today's addition, I feel the look is now really much more like Tom Arnold. I'm told it's distinguished, but... glasses? I do realize it was entirely inevitable, I was the only one in my family who didn't have them. And the only reason I have them now is that I didn't think it was fair that Lori could spot freeway onramp signs so much sooner than I. So, with my job about to end, I decided to take advantage of my vision plan and have my eyes checked. The news wasn't too bad, 20/25. But the doctor said that he could fit me for some glasses to help me, I'd be ok without them, but I could get them to have on hand for driving at night. But let me tell you... I feel like I've been ripped off all this time. I really haven't had any of the side-effects since I've been wearing them and I don't want to take them off. Everything is so much crisper. Whites are whiter, text that I thought was perfectly clear is now amazingly clear and cruzzy (a word I made up)) when viewed without them. I thought stuff looked good, but then I put these on and it's like I have superpowers. And this isn't even full-strength.

Oh, and I was mentioning my job coming to an end soon. You probably also noticed the oh-so-common white earphones. They plug into the new 60 gig iPod video which was a gift from my bosses.

Alternative title #1: Old and Hip (nixed after I realized that you'd automatically think of the word "replacement")
Alternative title #2: Fogeys 2 (would require you to be a regular reader to my blog to understand)
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