Wednesday, June 29, 2005


If the scummiest of white people are "white trash," what do you call the hispanic version? And don't say "hispanic" because I've heard that one. For now, I'll just call them my neighbors.

I'm not sure how we ended up in this neighborhood. I mean, ultimately, I know how it happened. The realtor showed us the house, we saw the potential, didn't see the problems and made an offer. But I'd like to believe we were guided here, because we prayed for a house and so many things pointed to this one.

But I'm not sure what we're doing here. If it was to teach us a lesson in tolerance, the plan is backfiring horribly. If anything, I think I become more racist or generally thinking more and more poorly of poor people and hispanic people. Yes, we live in an impoverished neighborhood. Houses on this block are only selling for half a million.

This week, my neighbors are using the excuse of indepdendence day as a reason to break the law. Of course, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office is useless USELESS U-S-E-L-E-S-S!!! I swear, the next time I call them and they say they're going to send someone out, I'm going to ask them to tell me what day it will be on so that I can write it on my calendar. The only saving grace is that apparently Duarte finally banned fireworks in its entire city so there isn't a fireworks stand four blocks from here in the Target parking lot this year. So there have been far less fireworks than last year, but still, it's pretty frustrating.

My dog has barely eaten in days, the firecrackers seem to scare her. And these are the big suckers. One of these goes off and you can feel it. Car alarms begin to sound. Really insane.

The last time I called them to report the firecrackers, they actually called me back. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office could not find our street. She said the map was old, but this house was built in 1948. (For that matter, why does the LASO have old maps?)

I'm going to call 1-800-A-DEPUTY and ask if I can become a deputy and just be assigned to this street. Because no one else is patrolling it now.
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