Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good Morning, Mr. Phelps

I never saw the original TV show, just the 1980's one and, of course, the movies. But in the TV show, the beginning -- if I remember correctly?? -- started with the exchange of a mini-DVD in a remote location, before it was viewed on a tiny little hand-held DVD player and self-destructed. And then he would go back to his awesome penthouse with his gigantic big screen TV where he would brief the team. The team briefing always included stuff you saw on the little DVD. So why not (a) courier or FedEx the DVD directly to the penthouse and (b) watch it with the team on the big screen? Seems like it would leave out a step and be a more secure delivery chain. Or, barring that, stop wasting time shooting, editing, producing and burning a DVD and just do a remote secure video link like they did on Knight Rider?

Anyhow, all this from me trying to figure out how to title this morning's post. I am very sleepy. We went to bed too late last night and I did not get up this morning and walk the dog. I am having my slimfast now for breakfast.
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