Monday, June 14, 2004

God's Still Up There

On flag day and the 50th. anniversary of the inclusion of "Under God" into the flag salute, I have to laugh at the interesting way that the Supreme Court got out of having to make any decision on the case. They said the guy bringing the case before the court had no right to sue because he doesn't have legal custody over his daughter, who he said was being forced to have religion forced upon her every time she said the Pledge of Allegiance. Ok, that sounds bizarre today, "Pledge of Allegiance..." Pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth. Yeah, yeah, I know. Anyhow, nevermind the fact that his daughter is a Christian. This is a guy with too much time on his hands trying to bitterly strike back at his Christian ex-wife who has majority custody of his daughter and sounds like a much more stable person. Someone needs to hold a prayer vigil outside this guy's house or something.
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