Thursday, June 10, 2004

Painfully Geeky

While I've never considered "Star Trek" to be all that, I will admit to having seen probably every single episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", the one with Patrick Stewart at the helm. (Now that "Saved by The Bell" had "Saved by The Bell: The Next Class", the ST:NG name even becomes painfully more geeky.)

Anyhow, last night I stayed up late watching "Star Trek: Nemesis" which I had TIVO'd a few weeks ago. The movie was really awful and I don't understand why these keep getting made so poorly.

They need to let some new blood onto the writing staff and take the same advice people are giving Lucas... alliances and senates and garbage like that are boring.

I am finally officially completely over Star Trek. The only redeeming things were when Picard leaves the bridge and tells the newly married Will Riker "You have the bridge, Mr. Troi" and you hear crew members chuckling, a la L.A. Story's "I live in the valley." line where the valets all laugh and a nod to history with the "Evasive Manuever Kirk Episolon!" Of course, I could never watch the original Star Trek with its technicolor sets and painful sound effects and horrid acting and writing.

I hope that I'm outgrowing that bit of geekiness. Though no doubt friends and family can quickly point to new areas of extreme geekiness or nerddom. It may just be my density.
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