Friday, June 05, 2015

Feed Sift: Skynet Edition (06/05/2015)

I've always said if we're not careful the Terminator stories will have to be considered documentaries and not fiction. Here's some ways we're moving down that path.


ENGADGET.COM -- Europe's combat UAV takes to the skies over Italy


ENGADGET.COM -- The Navy sees its future in unmanned fighters


ENGADGET.COM -- Department of Defense creates new cyberunit in Silicon Valley


ENGADGET.COM -- AZ town hides license plate readers in dozens of fake cacti


ENGADGET.COM -- US SKYNET program marks Al Jazeera journalist as Al Qaeda - really? Bad enough there's a company in Japan called Cyberdyne making products called "HAL" but we're going to use the term SKYNET in this kind of way???

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