Friday, October 31, 2014

Feed Sift (Oct. 31, 2014)

Happy Halloween! Here's some stuff I thought was worth sharing.


ENGADGET -- Korean protester spreads democracy's message by balloon and flashdrive


MEDIUM -- The Internet of Things Will Ruin Birthdays


FAST COMPANY -- 5 Strategies for Big-Picture Thinking


INTUIT -- 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your One-On-Ones With Your Manager


MORNING DEVOTION -- When You're Smiling


CINEMA BLEND -- How Guardians Of The Galaxy Taught A Kid With Autism To Be A Superhero


EXCELJET -- Can pivot tables save your job? Maybe!




LIFEHACKER -- All the Awesome Stuff You Can Do with Google+ Photos


TWISTED SIFTER -- 11 Story Building Completely Demolished in 60 Seconds - pretty sure it took far less than 60 seconds, that most of that time was just showing off with pyrotechnics

Happy Friday!
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