Friday, October 24, 2014

Feed Sift (Oct. 24, 2014)

Some recent stuff I wanted to share.


ENGADGET -- What you need to know about self-driving cars


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC -- Empire of Rock - China's Supercaves


PEOPLE DISCOVERY -- Mind-Set: The Winning Factor


EXCELJET -- 23 Things You Should Know about Pivot Tables


BIRGIT WHELAN -- Staying at our Post


MEDIUM -- Technical Debt 101


CRACKED -- 6 Ways Movies Get Space Wrong (by Astronaut Chris Hadfield)


NOT ALWAYS RIGHT -- Political Correctness Takes a Holiday


OK CUPID -- We Experiment on Human Beings!


YOUTUBE -- Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut - Totally recreated scene for scene by other people in a variety of styles. Wow... people are cool. I wish I had time to watch this whole thing.

Happy Friday!
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