Thursday, July 31, 2014

So, news... BoostCE (A Work-Related Post)

Excited to announce that my startup (Boost Customer Engagment) has finally exited stealth mode. I have started a consultancy aimed at helping companies improve their customer engagement.  Our approach is to first "fix email" - so many companies jump straight to Twitter and Facebook while neglecting the money-printing direct, just-in-time, mass-personalization potential of their email program.  

Every email that makes it into your customer's inbox is another little advertisement for you. Every email, another chance to interact, reinforce brand, provide customer service, engage, acquire, retain and delight.

Done well, your emails are an engaging, ongoing conversation. Of course, done well means an end to batch-and-blast, it means using what you know about your customers to your benefit (and theirs) and it means being intentional. We're all about using data, testing and measurement to increase engagement and keep customers coming back over and over again.

We're not going to pledge to do everything - for instance, check out our site - design's not our strong suit. You probably already have great designers who know your brand. We'll just help them create appropriate layouts for email. (Though I do know designers and web people and can help with referrals there as well for those who who are still on the sidelines trying to see if this internet thing is going to hit critical mass.)

So, yeah, that's the big news. I'm kind of excited. Our first engagement has come to us with some interesting challenges that we're tackling head-on around deliverability, mobile and keeping an audience engaged for repeat business in the desirable luxury necessity category. (Yep, that's a term I just made up, but I think it fits this business well.)

So please check out the site:

For my colleagues at big orange, there is no change to my "coworker of yours" status. I'll just be putting even more of my hours to better use. (Don't worry, TLHOA, I'll still mow my lawn.)
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