Sunday, June 22, 2014

120: Misdirect

"There he is again!" shouted one of my guests.

We turned to look as the guy ducked behind the bushes. But it was quite clear that he was looking in on our party from our neighbor's driveway.

I walked out the front door and shouted for someone to call security. I walked up to the man. He looked down at me, I looked up at him. I shouted "Tan pants, light blue windbreaker" as he started for me. As he got within range, he looked as if to say "Come at me." I continued to shout back descriptions to the guests spilling onto the front porch.

"5 foot 2 inches tall!" I shouted.

He looked puzzled, stopped and sputtered "Hey man, I aint no 5'2" - I'm at least six..."

And that was when I yelled "SWEEP THE LEG!" and kicked him hard in the shin. Sure, I didn't actually sweep the leg, but it knocked him off balance, I pushed him over and lept onto him, twisting his arm behind him as a few of my guests arrived to help subdue him.

"120" is the umbrella under which I place my creative writing (it's been a long time!) - it refers to one of the practices: writing for 120 seconds on a single topic with no chance to go back and edit. This particular effort was the attempt to retell a recent dream I had where I was pretty awesome. Click here to read more 120s.
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