Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why @CNET is a failure. (An ALMOST Work-Related Post)

I love CNET.  I remember way back in the day when it was c|net.  I remember Netscape 1.1 slowly drawing each yellow dot of their yellow background.  I remember when it was a TV show before they had a website.   I've been a fan for a long time.  To be sure, I learn much more from <s>MS</b>NBC, news360 and all of the feeds in Google Reader, but I've still subscribed to CNET's Daily Dispatch forever.

A few weeks ago, it broke.  It stopped working on my iPhone, my iPad, Gmail, Lotus Notes, you name it.  I even tested it in Chrome, Firefox and the iPhone Safari instance.   I've tried it at work, I've tried it on my home network.  I've tried it on my wife's laptop as well.

And then I tweeted them with my findings, but to no avail.  (Not sure they're actually monitoring their Twitter account.)

They even made two changes during that time.  First, to make it break a little less hard, and then secondly, they did a redesign.  But it's still broken.

Every time I try to click on any link, it takes me to api.facebook.com/l.php  And no matter what I use, I get the same error "Not found."

Am I the last subscriber and is this a ploy to get me to unsubscribe?  I know they've tried to kill off this great newsletter before.

The newsletter:

The result:

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