Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to It

Once again, restarting the diet. My biggest problem is that there is always special occasions, reasons for me to break my diet. The good news is that lately, I get back to it quicker and I don't have as far to go. This time, I have 10.2 pounds to go and I feel good about that. We just wrapped up a week of vacation and we ate out a lot because we like to explore and try new places. We also walk a lot, so that was not bad.

So I'm back to tracking it all in Lose-It! and I ended the day with several hundred calories unspent. I got in two walks and got up early so got lots of exercising in, got caught up on Breaking Bad and got quite a bit of reading in (with more still to come tonight.). Also got a lot of chores in this evening, nice to be getting caught up on that stuff, including straightening up some extraneous finance stuff like account access and verifying old gift card amounts so that I can use them up.

It was a rough first day back at work, but there's still a lot of upside, but I did have to come to a realization today that some things that I thought were important aren't -- at least temporarily. Someone else will make them important again, but until then, I'm not going to worry about it. Because they know I'm not going to move until they signal that they need me to, and when they need me to, that will restart the process and they won't be able to get answers for a week or two after that. I don't like operating like that, but the other alternative makes no one happy. (Makes me think of that classic memo "The beatings will continue until morale improves." Yeah, good luck with that.)

Instead, I'm just going to work on stuff people care about and work on stuff that will yield results where I can have an impact. And that which is difficult but no one seems to care about, I'll let it go. For now.

That feels good to say that. And it feels good to reflect on the day. And it feels good to get up here so early I still have time to read.

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