Thursday, January 12, 2012

Work is not cooperating (A Work-Related Post)

My desire to simplify in 2012 has met with an nasty obstacle: my job.

Entering into evidence exhibits A and B:

Now, granted, I actually blocked a full half of my calendar for the week and did not attend any meetings (except for a two-hour phone call on Wednesday) but it's not like I otherwise was able to get caught up. I sat at the computer working, even worked (partially to make up for the time tomorrow when I have to take Ben to therapy) a few more hours last night after the children were in bed (Lori was at her mom's helping her with her post-surgery recovery) and I'm still just getting further and further behind.

These have actually been pretty cleaned up - at one point on Monday I was quadruple booked. I've still got a few overlaps I need to deal with, but I've started publishing my full calendar out to the entire org because this is beyond crazy, it's just plain stupid.

I have no time to work on the action items that result from all these meetings. (And no, I can't delegate - people are specifically asking for me.  If there's any delegation to be done, this is the post-delegation calendar. Two groups were fighting over a lunch-time meeting today because they wanted me at their meeting that had to be today.)
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