Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Way to Go, Ben!

Ben came home with this today. Not sure what specifically was involved, but Lori said that Ben was awarded a sticker for each time he followed an instruction successfully. There was a dinosaur finger puppet in his backpack about a month ago so perhaps it's a month's worth of following instructions? No sticker sheet that time, but we suspect it was the same type of thing. Unfortunately, the finger puppet was quickly chewed to the point of not being safe and we had to toss it. Ol' Bob seems a bit more sturdy (complete with spring-loaded hammer action!). We're not always sure what they're working on with Ben (and they did reduce their objectives for the year) and it's been a bit of a discouraging day, both at work and at home, so it was really cool when Lori shared this news with me.  Really improved my spirits.

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