Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is Coming

A nice day - spent it with Rachel and Ben.  We had hoped to see Santa, but he was too busy.  But we did still spend a lot of time together.  And Rachel chose presents for Lori from her and Ben.

Also, Ben's best haircut ever.  By far.  The stylist was really happy, she kept saying "We're getting a real haircut this time."  And no blood was drawn and we didn't need to stop and bribe or hold him securely.  There was some fussing and hitting of me at the beginning but he calmed down quickly.  Even (prompted) said both "thank you" and "goodbye."

I also put up some more lights and fixed some in the front yard.  (A little more tomorrow?)

Watched "Miracle on 34th. Street" all the way through.

And ran the bread machine so put the smell of fresh bread in the house.  (We watch Christmas movies, we put up a tree and lights, we listen to Christmas music - we might as well put it to our olfactory sense as well.  Now to pump in a pine smell through the furnace or something.)

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