Thursday, December 22, 2011


I was going to post last week's sermon from church today but instead, I'm going to post these links because I'm... yeah, I guess speechless is a good word.  I want to... I don't know.  I... Ok... here's the links.

MSNBC -- School accused of putting autistic student in bag

CHANGE -- Petition to End Abuse of Autistic Students in Mercer County, Kentucky

THAUTCAST -- Superintendent Responds To Petition for Autistic Boy Placed in Ball Bag

Also from a poster on MSNBC:

For those of you who may want to write to those involved:

Mercer County Schools
371 E. Lexington St.
Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Board Members

Ron Betsher
951 Bob-O-Link Dr., Harrodsburg 40330
(859) 612-9137

Pattie Burke
713 Greenwood Drive, Harrodsburg 40330
(859) 734-5132

Billy Montgomery
593 Ross Avenue, Harrodsburg 40330
(859) 366-4412

James Stinnett
645 Cummins Ferry Road, Salvisa 40372
(859) 684-4359

Larry Yeager
470 Tewmey Lane, Harrodsburg 40330
(859) 734-0671

This information was taken from the KY Department of Education website.
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