Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Obama, All The Time!

I laughed a few days ago when MSNBC had a headline "Does Obama get a free ride from the press?" 

But now, I have a new theory.  If a headline contains the word Obama, MSNBC.com is forced to place it on their homepage.

Here's a sampling from right now:

Top of Page

Obama: ‘Appalled’ by Iran’s tactics (with video clip/photo)

Analysis: Obama walks fine line on Iran

Vote: Has Obama been forceful enough?

U.S. & World

Obama: World 'appalled' by Iran (Second Headline)


Obama: World 'appalled' by Iran (Top Headline)
President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared the United States and the entire world are "appalled and outraged" by Iran's violent efforts to crush dissent.

Obama presses his agenda at news conference (Second Headline)

Obama: Health care reform 'is not a luxury'

Obama girls get San Francisco cable car treat

Obama announces drug companies deal

Obama signs sweeping anti-smoking bill

Obama addresses Iran, domestic agenda (Multimedia - with photo!)

Should the GOP lay off Obama? (Multimedia)


Obama: Bernanke doing good job (Top Headline)
President Barack Obama said Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is doing a fine job under difficult circumstances but he declined to say whether he will reappoint the chairman in January.

Honorable Mention

President faces a Kennedy decision on space (in Technology)

I'm really surprised they didn't cross-pop the health ones into the health category, the cable car one into travel.  Maybe he has an opinion on American Idol for the Entertainment category or something about Wimbledon for the sports category.